Save time and cost overruns on your next project with Engineered Screwpiling

Engineered screwpiles are well suited for applications where the ground is not suitable for conventional footings.

When Should You Use Engineered Screwpiles?

  • If the over-excavation Depth is greater than 3’
  • If the bearing PSF is 2500 or less
  • When the expected caisson, drilled pier or driven pile depth is greater than 20’
  • For dense material or soil, stone, cobble and boulders

Engineered Screwpiles are a foundation pile system that has many advantages:

  • Save valuable time
  • Control cost and save money
  • Proven reliability
  • Simple changeover
  • Engineered Screwpiles

There are several applications in which Engineered Screwpiles are the perfect choice:

  • Commercial: malls, commercial suites, office buildings and sound walls
  • Residential: homes, townhomes, condos and resorts
  • Slopes & Underpinnings: Slope stabilization, shoring and underpinning, bridges, walkways and boardwalks
  • Lighting: light pole bases and temporary lighting
  • Power: transmission towers and substations
  • Oil & Gas: refineries and natural gas plants
  • Solar: Wind power generation, solar farms